Thursday, September 20, 2012

Check in time

Time to check in again.
The summer was great. I did a lot of traveling. Back home now and back in school.
I am taking web design and gerontology. I really enjoying both classes. Web design is fun. Gerontology is the study of seniors. It was depressing to find out that I am considered a senior. I certainly do not feel like a senior. Last week we took a survey on aging and it told me that my life expectancy, based on the answers to the survey, was 92. I can live with that. I have a long ways to go yet.

 I also found out about Senior Olympics and have managed to find a local volleyball team that competes in competitions. I will be joining them for the competitions that start in January....Yeah!!! I can't wait. I have always loved sports and when I gave them up to raise my children I thought I would never get a chance to compete again. Now I will. A new gym is opening up in October right next to my work. I joined so that I can start getting in shape.

If anyone would like to check out a web site I designed for my class here is the link.

Take care all.


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