Thursday, October 4, 2012

Brighter Week

Hello Anyone who actually reads this. ;)

I'm having a better week. Got my car back, hopefully for good. Still unemployed though. Sure hope my company gets some orders in so that I can go back to work. Family is good. I'm taking a web design
class in college this semester, also a gerontology course. Enjoying both. My latest web pages are up
Latest web design . Feel free to look if you like. It is about my pet turtle.

Because of my Gerontology class I learned about Senior Olympics. Researching that I found out about a local women's volleyball team. I had my first practice with them this weekend. Learned a couple of new things:
  1.  I am so rusty that here are holes in the rust. I stunk.....I can only get better.
  2. It is still a blast to play. I really enjoyed myself even if I was huffing and puffing and was sore for three days after.
I can't wait to play. Just hope the other team members don't ask me to stay home. If they chose teams I would definitely be the last one picked. I know this, but am determined to get better.

Oh, Nick if you read this I talked to my Dr yesterday and he said it is perfectly fine for me to play. Thanks for caring.

Love to all!!

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