Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear Diary

It's official. I am only writing to myself. Even my kids have given up checking my blog. Guess I'm not that interesting. It's my own fault I know. Should write every day, but the truth is I just can't get motivated lately. I want to draw, but can't think of a subject. Would write, but what to say. Maybe it is just because it is summer and I would rather be outside. Go to get my grandkids next week. They will keep me busy, but can't use them as an excuse for not drawing since I haven't been drawing while they were gone.

If anyone reads this, please give me a suggestion of what would be an interesting summer drawing. Something they would like to see on paper.

I guess with all the photos out there it sometimes seems pointless to draw for any reason other than my own enjoyment. Maybe that is the secret. Find something I enjoy to draw, then maybe others will like it too.  I just have to get past that blank page. I find it so intimidating. Once I get started I love what I'm doing.

Dear diary, since no one reads this it would seem pointless to ask them to pray for me, so  I guess I will just have to pray for inspiration myself.

Having a down day,

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  1. You're right mom, I did stop reading, but not because I don't care. Got so wrapped up in my own life that at first I forgot to go check for anything new (though I do still follow you on facebook nearly every day) and after a while I hadn't looked in so long that I forgot it was even there. Something jogged my memory tonight and made me decide to go take a look. Love you mom and hope everything is well with you. Can't wait to see you and everyone else this weekend.