Monday, October 22, 2012

New Gym

Ok, I have officially completed one week of exercising in the gym. I go every morning for a half hour and then another half hour in the afternoon. I went with Alex (my 14 year old son) on Saturday and we worked out for an hour. I usually walk on treadmill in morning and bicycle in afternoon. On Saturday Alex and I tried out several of the machines. I am more sore from the machines than from anything else. I got on one machine that Alex had to help me get off of. I told him we need to learn the sign for help, in case it happens again. It was embarrassing to have to holler for help, so I just kept using the machine til I finally caught his eye and got him to come over. He of course thought it was terribly funny. Guess which muscles are the sorest...hehehe

No weight loss yet, but I'm gonna stick with it.....

I'm sure Alex is sore too. I can leg press over 400 lbs. He got on it with the intention of showing me up. I was impressed. He made it to 295 lbs and he has chicken legs.

Til later

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