Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Self Protrait

Good Morning World,

So this is the second day of my blogging experience. Hope I don't bore anyone who actually reads this.

My current assignment in class is to do a self portrait. Uggggg....who wants to constantly look at themselves? You begin to see things that you normally try to ignore. Like my face is fatter than I thought, I have more wrinkles and my glasses really don't do anything for my looks. Beginning to second guess my latest haircut too. My lips have gotten a lot thinner than I thought they were. Again I say UGGGGG. I guess I can ignore my age and say I feel much younger than I am, but my face is beginning to tell on me.

Ok enough about my fading looks. Soon I will be done, the drawing will be on here so you can all see what I am talking about and I can go back to thinking I look much thinner and younger than I really do.

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