Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Group project

Okay here it is. The collaborative work that our group did. Mine is the one on the bottom right. We won the prize for the best in our class. I was happy to win, but kinda felt guilty cause the prize was 15 points added to your grade. The one that came in last were the students who could have used those points.

The one on the top right was a real group drawing. The person who was supposed to bring it in done was in an accident which cut his hands all up and he couldn't do it, so when he got to class the other three of us pitched in and did it for him as quickly as we could. Turned out pretty good for a rush job.

The class will be over in two weeks. I will miss it, but hope to continue drawing on my own. I will be glad not to have to rush to meet deadlines.

Love to all, CK

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