Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Student Art Show

So as many of you know, I entered my "Monemt in Time" charcoal in the student art show. Well I went in and looked at the show yesterday and found out they were giving out ribbons. I didn't get one. Guess it wasn't as good as I thought. Oh Well, since I didn't know they were gonna give out ribbons I guess it shouldn't bother me that I didn't get one.

To be honest I was disapointed!! Robbie helped cheer me up by saying the only reason I didn't get one was because I didn't belong to the right art clique at school. Maybe us art students taking classes at night after a long day of work are expected to be better than the students right out of high school, so should be held to a higher standard.... Now I sound bitter.... I guess it is like my son Richard artist is famous until after they die.... Somehow I don't think I will be famous even then, but I enjoy drawing so will continue to sit up late, work at lunch and after work and of course all weekend, finishing projects that are due.

I posted my last project....don't bother to look at it....even I don't like it...

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